How to Make Money on Audible
How to Make Money on Audible

How to Make Money on Audible

Salam, dear readers! Are you an avid reader who loves to immerse yourself in the world of books? If so, you might be interested in learning how to make money on Audible. Audible, an Amazon-owned platform, is the world’s largest audiobook platform, offering a wide range of audiobooks for people to enjoy. In this article, we will explore various ways you can monetize your passion for literature and potentially earn money on Audible.

1. Become an Audiobook Narrator

One of the most direct ways to make money on Audible is by becoming an audiobook narrator. If you have a pleasant voice and good narration skills, you can audition for audiobook projects on the ACX (Audiobook Creation Exchange) platform. Successful narrators receive a royalty share or a flat fee for their work.

2. Publish Your Own Audiobook

If you have a story to tell, why not turn it into an audiobook? Audible allows individuals to self-publish their audiobooks through ACX. You can write and narrate your own book or collaborate with other authors. By self-publishing, you have the potential to earn royalties from every sale or Audible credit used to purchase your audiobook.

3. Promote Affiliate Links

Affiliate marketing provides an opportunity to earn money by promoting audiobooks on Audible. You can sign up for the Audible Affiliate Program and receive a commission for every new customer who signs up for an Audible membership through your unique affiliate link. You can share these links on your website, blog, or social media platforms.

4. Create Audiobook Reviews

If you enjoy sharing your thoughts on books, you can create audiobook reviews on platforms like YouTube, blogs, or podcasts. By building an audience and gaining credibility as a reviewer, you can attract sponsorship deals or earn money through advertising on your platforms.

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5. Develop an Audiobook-related Blog or Website

Consider creating a blog or website dedicated to audiobooks. You can offer valuable content such as reviews, recommendations, author interviews, and industry news. By attracting a significant audience, you can monetize your platform through advertising, sponsored content, or even by selling audiobook-related products.

6. Offer Audiobook Editing and Production Services

If you have skills in audio editing and production, you can offer your services to authors and publishers who want to convert their books into audiobooks. Many authors prefer to outsource this task, providing an opportunity for you to earn money by using your technical expertise.

7. Participate in Audiobook Contests

Audible occasionally hosts audiobook contests, seeking new and talented narrators. By participating in these contests, you have the chance to win cash prizes or gain recognition, which can help boost your career as an audiobook narrator.

8. Become an Audible Influencer

If you have a strong social media presence and a significant number of followers, you can apply to become an Audible influencer. As an influencer, you will receive free audiobooks to review and promote on your platforms, potentially earning money through sponsorship deals and partnerships.

9. Teach Audiobook Narration

If you have experience and expertise in audiobook narration, consider offering online courses or coaching sessions to aspiring narrators. You can create video tutorials or conduct live classes, sharing your knowledge and techniques while earning money from your teaching services.

10. Explore Audiobook-related Freelancing Opportunities

Various freelancing platforms, such as Upwork and Fiverr, offer opportunities for audiobook-related gigs. You can find projects such as proofreading audiobook scripts, creating audiobook covers, or providing marketing services for authors and publishers.

Alternatives to Making Money on Audible

While Audible is a fantastic platform for earning money through audiobooks, there are other alternatives you can explore:

  • Librivox: Librivox is a volunteer-driven platform where you can record audiobooks for public domain works.
  • Storytel: Storytel is another audiobook platform that offers revenue-sharing opportunities for narrators and authors.
  • Patreon: You can create a Patreon account and offer exclusive audiobook-related content to your patrons in exchange for monthly support.

How to Make Money on Audible – Complete Guide

Method Description Advantages Disadvantages
Become an Audiobook Narrator Narrate audiobooks for royalties or a flat fee. Directly involved in the creation process and potential for high royalties. Competitive industry and requires proper equipment and skills.
Publish Your Own Audiobook Self-publish your book and earn royalties from sales. Complete creative control and potential for passive income. Requires writing, narrating, and marketing skills.
Promote Affiliate Links Earn commissions by promoting Audible memberships. Easy to get started and passive income potential. Dependent on audience engagement and conversion rates.
Create Audiobook Reviews Share your thoughts on audiobooks and attract sponsorships. Opportunity for sponsorships and potential for advertising revenue. Requires building a significant audience and credibility as a reviewer.
Develop an Audiobook-related Blog or Website Offer valuable content and monetize through advertising and sponsorships. Potential for diverse income streams and industry connections. Requires consistent effort in content creation and audience building.
Offer Audiobook Editing and Production Services Provide audio editing and production services for audiobooks. Opportunity to work with authors and earn money using technical skills. Requires audio editing expertise and equipment.
Participate in Audiobook Contests Compete in contests to win cash prizes and gain recognition. Potential for cash prizes and industry exposure. Competition can be intense, limiting chances of winning.
Become an Audible Influencer Review and promote audiobooks as an influencer. Free audiobooks, sponsorship deals, and partnership opportunities. Requires a significant social media following and engagement.
Teach Audiobook Narration Offer online courses or coaching for aspiring narrators. Opportunity to share expertise and earn money from teaching. Requires teaching skills and creating instructional content.
Explore Audiobook-related Freelancing Opportunities Find freelance gigs related to audiobooks. Flexible work options and potential for diverse projects. Competition from other freelancers and varying pay rates.
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As you can see, there are numerous opportunities to make money on Audible. Whether you prefer narrating, writing, reviewing, or providing services, there’s a path for you. Explore the different methods, capitalize on your skills, and create a sustainable income stream from your love of audiobooks. Remember, success may require dedication, perseverance, and a love for the craft. Happy audiobook adventures!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I make a living as an Audible narrator?

While it is possible to make a living as an Audible narrator, it requires talent, hard work, and building a solid reputation in the industry. Many successful narrators combine their work on Audible with other platforms and projects to create a sustainable income.

2. How much money can I earn by promoting affiliate links on Audible?

The amount you can earn from promoting affiliate links on Audible varies. You typically receive a commission for each new customer who signs up for an Audible membership through your link. The commission rate and the number of conversions you achieve determine your earnings.

3. Do I need professional equipment to become an audiobook narrator?

While professional equipment can enhance the quality of yourrecording, it is not always necessary to have top-of-the-line equipment when starting out as an audiobook narrator. However, investing in a decent microphone and audio editing software can greatly improve the overall quality of your recordings and increase your chances of success.

4. How do I get started with self-publishing my audiobook on Audible?

To self-publish your audiobook on Audible, you can sign up for an account on the ACX platform. ACX provides step-by-step guidance on how to upload your audiobook, set your pricing, and choose your distribution options. Make sure to carefully review Audible’s submission guidelines to ensure your audiobook meets their quality standards.

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5. Are there any upfront costs involved in creating an audiobook?

There can be some upfront costs associated with creating an audiobook, especially if you choose to hire professional narrators or audio editors. However, if you have the necessary skills, you can minimize these costs by narrating and editing the book yourself. Additionally, ACX offers royalty-sharing options that allow you to split the earnings with your narrators, reducing the upfront financial burden.

6. How long does it take to start earning money on Audible?

The time it takes to start earning money on Audible varies depending on your chosen method. If you become an audiobook narrator, you can start earning royalties as soon as your audiobook is published and starts selling. However, building a solid reputation and attracting a dedicated audience may take time. For other methods like affiliate marketing or creating a blog, it may take longer to generate substantial income as you build your online presence and attract an audience.

7. Can I make money on Audible if I don’t have a large social media following?

Yes, you can still make money on Audible even if you don’t have a large social media following. While having a significant following can increase your potential for sponsorships and partnership opportunities, there are other methods, such as narrating audiobooks or offering services, that do not rely heavily on social media presence. Focus on honing your skills and providing high-quality work, and success will follow.

8. Are there any specific requirements for becoming an Audible influencer?

While Audible does not explicitly state specific requirements for becoming an influencer, they generally look for individuals with a strong online presence, engaged audiences, and a genuine passion for audiobooks. Having a significant number of followers on social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, or a well-established blog can increase your chances of becoming an Audible influencer.

9. Can I earn money on Audible if I live outside the United States?

Audible operates in multiple countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Australia, and more. If you reside in one of these countries, you can participate in the various money-making opportunities Audible offers. However, some methods, such as becoming an Audible influencer or promoting affiliate links, may have specific requirements or restrictions based on your location.

10. Are there any restrictions on the content I can self-publish on Audible?

Audible has content guidelines that you must adhere to when self-publishing your audiobook. These guidelines prohibit explicit adult content, hate speech, and any material that violates copyright laws or intellectual property rights. It’s important to review and understand Audible’s content guidelines before submitting your work to ensure compliance.

That concludes our FAQ section. If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to Audible’s support team or explore their comprehensive resources on their website.


In conclusion, Audible offers various avenues for making money within the world of audiobooks. Whether you choose to become a narrator, self-publish your own audiobook, promote affiliate links, create reviews, or offer services, there are opportunities for individuals with different skills and interests. Take the time to explore these options, find your niche, and pursue your passion for literature while earning a potential income. Remember, success may not come overnight, but with dedication, persistence, and a love for audiobooks, you can turn your passion into a rewarding endeavor. Good luck on your journey to making money on Audible!