How to Transfer Money from Venmo to PayPal
How to Transfer Money from Venmo to PayPal

How to Transfer Money from Venmo to PayPal

Hello and welcome! In this article, we will guide you through the process of transferring money from Venmo to PayPal. Whether you need to move funds between these two popular payment platforms or simply explore alternative methods, we’ve got you covered.

1. Linking Venmo and PayPal Accounts

The first step to transfer money from Venmo to PayPal is to link your accounts. Open both the Venmo and PayPal apps or websites and navigate to the settings section. Look for the option to connect or link accounts and follow the instructions provided. This process usually involves verifying your identity and authorizing the linking of the two platforms.


  • Allows seamless transfer of funds between Venmo and PayPal.
  • Provides access to a wider range of payment options and services.
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  • May require additional verification steps, which can be time-consuming.
  • Transfers may be subject to fees imposed by either Venmo or PayPal.

2. Transferring Money from Venmo to PayPal

Once your Venmo and PayPal accounts are successfully linked, you can proceed with transferring money. In the Venmo app or website, locate the option to initiate a transfer to PayPal. Enter the desired amount and confirm the transaction. The money should then appear in your PayPal account.


  • Offers a quick and straightforward method to move funds between the two platforms.
  • Enables you to utilize PayPal’s extensive network of merchants for payments and purchases.


  • Transfers may take some time to process, depending on the platforms’ servers and systems.
  • Transaction limits and fees may apply, so it’s important to review the terms and conditions.

3. Alternative Methods

If linking your Venmo and PayPal accounts is not an option or you prefer alternative methods, there are a few workarounds available:

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a) Send Money to a Trusted Friend:

You can transfer funds from your Venmo account to a trusted friend who has a linked PayPal account. They can then send the money from their PayPal account to yours. This method relies on mutual trust and cooperation.

b) Withdraw to Bank Account:

Withdraw the money from your Venmo account to your linked bank account. Once the funds are in your bank account, you can add them to your PayPal account by initiating a regular transfer.

Transfer from Venmo to PayPal – Step by Step Guide

Step Description
1 Link your Venmo and PayPal accounts by accessing the settings section of both platforms.
2 Initiate a transfer from Venmo to PayPal by entering the desired amount and confirming the transaction.
3 Wait for the transfer to be processed, which may take some time depending on the platforms’ servers.
4 Verify that the money has successfully transferred to your PayPal account.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Are there any fees associated with transferring money from Venmo to PayPal?

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A: Yes, both Venmo and PayPal may impose fees for certain types of transfers, so it’s essential to review their fee structures.

Q: Can I transfer funds from Venmo to PayPal instantly?

A: Transfers may not be instantaneous, as they depend on various factors, including server processing times. It’s advisable to allow some time for the transfer to complete.

Q: Is it possible to reverse a transfer from Venmo to PayPal?

A: Once the transfer is initiated and processed, it is generally not reversible. It’s crucial to double-check all details before confirming the transaction.


In conclusion, transferring money from Venmo to PayPal can be accomplished by linking your accounts and initiating a transfer. It provides a convenient way to access a broader range of payment options and services. However, it’s important to consider potential fees, transaction times, and any limitations imposed by the platforms. Alternatively, you can explore options such as transferring funds through a trusted friend or withdrawing to a bank account. Remember to review the step-by-step guide and FAQ provided above for a comprehensive understanding of the process. Happy transferring!